“Since 2002, we have made every effort to satisfy the requirements of our increasingly demanding customers”


“Since 2002, we have made every effort to satisfy the requirements of our increasingly demanding customers. Competitive prices, steady quality and on-time deliveries are our key success factors. To achieve them, we do not hesitate to regularly challenge ourselves in order to offer products that match with customers’ quality requirements at competitive prices. Indeed, in this ever faster changing world, we need to continually adapt and seize every opportunity offered to us.
Emerging countries, particularly China, with which FLUIDMETAL has built up special relationships, show a very strong industrial development. As China is at the core of commercial trade, we had to open there a representative office, first in Shanghai and then in Taizhou, to be closer to our suppliers and manufacturer partners.
In addition, to meet our customers’ needs, we did not hesitate to set up a storage warehouse near Lyon, France, to be able to deliver our flagship references within 48 hours.”



“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”



FLUIDMETAL Industries was founded in 2002

Today, FLUIDMETAL Industries is one of the major importers/distributors of components and accessories for plumbing fittings, heating, building, sanitary / washing machines, garden / watering fittings, fasteners, flexible hoses, and plumbing tools.

With its registered office in Lyon, France, two storage warehouses – one in Corbas, near Lyon, and another one in Ningbo, China – and its office in Taizhou, China, FLUIDMETAL Industries offers to customers in Europe the advantages of French know-how at very competitive prices. It also offers to selected Chinese suppliers an opportunity to sell their products to the main European players.

To establish this “win-win” agreement, FLUIDMETAL Industries supports and advises its customers, offering them certified products fully tailored to their needs.

Every order is handled with the aim of giving customers full satisfaction, with quality control at every stage of the product transformation, from raw materials purchasing to packing before shipment. Thanks to its Corbas based storage warehouse, FLUIDMETAL Industries is able to supply its flagship references within only 48 hours*, whenever fast delivery is requested.
For more specific product orders, FLUIDMETAL Industries guarantees “DDP” delivery to all its customers in Western Europe, within 10 to 12 weeks.

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